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A hub for all things CNFT marketing, official site in development

a place to buy and sell NFTs

features you'd expect, the experience you deserve.

exclusive & vetted

The onboarding process will protect our customers and ensure only the highest quality projects are added.

A seamless experience, no more waiting for your buyer to send.

nami wallet

calendar, analytics tools

CNFTs new hub, catch trends and stay up to date.

clean and modern interface
with smart contracts

metaverse integration

interact with through the upcoming Ghostchain metaverse

built by Ghostchain

the sold out CNFT project

How do I get involved with is built by Ghostchain and is a community focused project. Owning a Ghostchain NFT will allow you to receive benefits from All Ghostchain's have sold out but they are available on secondary markets!

How can I get my project on

Our onboarding process is being designed to allow only high quality, vetted projects to be added. This is a careful process and all projects will be able to submit their applications soon.